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GetJenny raises €2M to enhance the effectiveness of customer support teams with “human-directed” AI chatbots

Today we published our seed funding round. In this blog article, you can find the press release and links to some of the articles published by the med...

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Chatbots bring in new standards in efficiency and customer satisfaction for the insurance industry.

Chatbots Customer service

How a multinational insurance company automates over 60% of their customer service queries?

How a multinational insurance company automates over 60% of their customer service queries with the GetJenny chatbot: A case study.

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Chatbot for Slush: 68 percent automation on day one

GetJenny is setting up Slush’s official chatbot. The first day after going live was promising, as based on early data the chatbot was able to handle 6...

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The advantage of “Agent side bots”

There’s a less frequently talked about aspect of what advanced natural language processing technology allows us to do that will have a big impact on o...

Chatbots Customer service

The costs of great chat support

  A chatbot VS face-to-face VS phone support Chat support has proven to be a more effective alternative than phone support. Both beat traditional, fac...

Chatbots Customer service

Customer service through Messenger

Facebook’s ecosystem means the internet itself to a huge number of people. In short, to counter app bloat, they’re building systems to make sure that ...

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The future of customer service – AI aided responses

By now many businesses have embraced the power of online chat support. The generation that grew up with the internet prefers it to any other form of c...

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Where do we go from here? Embracing the future of chatbots and messaging apps

  Previous post here. Technological and behavioral changes are already here  What have we learned from previous articles:  1) Breakthroughs in AI is e...

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The consumer wants convenience

  Previous post here. We have already made passing mention of AI breakthroughs that have made the news, such as AlphaGo’s victory or Microsoft’s ill-f...