Chat Platforms


Chat platforms are on the rise as means of communication between companies and their customers as well as internally between employees. They have become a focal point of interaction that determines the relationship between the company and its customers and can ultimately impact company sales.

In a highly competitive business world, time is money and the quicker a company can attend to its customer needs, the more productive it is and successful it will be. Chat platforms provide speed in communication and increased customer satisfaction.  Messaging is a simple tool that is faster than email, phone calls or other communication means, allows users to interact in a timely manner, ask questions, converse and debate ideas. In fact, chat platforms allow consumers to interact with the company whenever they want and wherever they are through any device. Businesses are therefore relying more heavily on chat platforms today to establish an identity and connect on a personal level with their customers.

Chat platforms are effectively changing the way we communicate. Messaging blends into our daily flow, which makes this channel of communication convenient for both businesses and consumers. Furthermore, these platforms change the way we do business by having the “buy” functionality which allows users to perform transactions without even leaving the platform.

Facebook is leading the industry with two most popular chatting platforms: Messenger and WhatsApp, and they are increasingly emphasizing on business tools and options such as Messenger Bots. Other big business chat platforms such as Zendesk chat, Ninchat, Salesforce, Giosg, Skype and Genesys facilitate large volumes of conversations today, allowing businesses to interact easily and proactively with their customers to create a superior customer experience. These highly flexible and customizable platforms allow a seamless dialogue that facilitates business and builds stronger relationships with customers.

Slack platform strengthens internal communication, replacing emails with a more direct and transparent tool that allows integration between the different channels and easier flow of information in one place.

Whether used by customer service teams to quickly respond to inquiries, by employees to ensure efficient internal communication, or by consumers as an e-commerce channel and help desk tool, Chat platforms are revolutionizing communication.

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