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Best live chat software for customer service in 2019

Live chat has become the preferred channel for customers to communicate with companies. Because of a shift from calling to messaging, some online busi...

Software Customer service

Contact center software: the heart of a customer service organization

Upgrading and developing a contact center infrastructure may seem too complicated when you start looking for different software available in the marke...

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Humans and AI: The Ultimate Dream Team

As the lives of humans become increasingly interlinked with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we still yearn for human interaction and tha...

Software Customer service

Are you taking advantage of these customer service tools and technologies?

Customer-centered organizations are looking for different ways to meet the client expectations in this interconnected 24/7 world where messaging is ou...

human-directed AI

GetJenny hosts a group of senior citizens who are becoming AI mentors

GetJenny contributes to Finland's national AI strategy by providing free training for a group of senior citizens. These senior AI mentors have decided...

Artificial Intelligence

Ethics of AI: Preserving and growing human purpose

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become a greater part of our daily lives, it’s becoming more and more important to consider the ethica...


Customer Service Chatbot Project: How to succeed?

For some time ago we organized a webinar about running a successful chatbot project for customer service operations. We made that recording available....

Artificial Intelligence

Fear of AI takeover: Why are we afraid of machines?

The robots are taking over – dystopian science fiction or distant reality?

human-directed AI Artificial Intelligence

Can we combine human and artificial intelligence?

Mankind’s insatiable thirst for greater intelligence and knowledge spans the great depths of history. Human-to-human learning isn’t anything new – we’...

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GetJenny raises €2M to enhance the effectiveness of customer support teams with “human-directed” AI chatbots

Today we published our seed funding round. In this blog article, you can find the press release and links to some of the articles published by the med...