Customer Experience Trends Report

A study of 363 companies on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market, 2020 Edition.



You have 0.05 seconds

to make a great first impression online.


22% of companies don't say what they do on their front page

If your audience doesn't know what you do, why should they invest their time or money in your company?



33% don't link a social media presence

Social media channels don't just give you extra credibility, they let potential customers engage with your business on their turf.


It’s not about being on Facebook or Twitter, it’s about being on a platform where your audience is, so you can talk to them.


The Nasdaq First North Market Scored And Ranked

Discover results that give you the edge in customer experience.


Nasdaq First North Growth Market Companies Studied


Data Points Collected and Analysed


Pages in-depth analysis on ambitious growth companies.

Packed With Insights and Tips to Improve Your Customer Experience

Learn the tools fast-growing companies use to stay in touch with their customers.  

Most Popular Communication Tools in 2020 - custoemr experience report getjenny

Wondering how to develop your customer experience in 2021? 

Don't make it hard for visitors to contact you. Every personal contact is an opportunity for your company to grow and improve customer experience

Detailed insights on how people experience your website.

How many NASDAQ First North Growth Market Companies have a GDPR Cookies Notice on their front page - Customer Experience Trends Report from GetJenny

We examined publicly listed companies on data points that influence their Trustworthiness, Purpose, and Ease of Communication. 

For example, we checked GDPR cookies compliance for all 363 companies. This indicates companies who know their minimum legal obligations to EU audiences and provide visitors with options to control their personal data.

Benchmark data to clarify your company's messaging and credibility.

How many NASDAQ First North Growth Companies say what they do or have an unambigious first touchpoint - Customer Experience Trends Report from GetJenny

How many companies listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market say what they do on their home page?

The first touchpoint for many visitors, yet 22% of companies studied don't clearly represent themselves or state what they do on their home page. 

Compare with your Industry and the Top Twenty companies for Customer Experience.

Average number of customer service tools, getejnny 2020

Detailed analysis helps you benchmark your place in your industry and measure up to the Top Twenty companies for customer experience on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. 

In this example, how many tools does the average company use, and how many steps does it take a visitor to find the first one, compared to the Top Twenty average. 


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