Crisis Communication with Chatbots

    Remove uncertainty in times of emergency. Set the record straight and automatically deliver facts to concerned people 24/7. For companies, governments, NGOs, charities and emergency workers working to provide clear information in large crisis situations.

    Why Use Chatbots for Crisis Communication?


    Provide factual answers to concerned citizens automatically 24/7


    Give your staff time to complete demanding crisis communication tasks




    Retain full control over your automated crisis communication channel

    Update Automated Conversations as Situations Evolve

    Zero technical skills required. Build an automated communication tool for specific situations in a matter of hours.


    Your team has full control over the chatbot at all times, meaning you can easily adapt with fresh facts, as they happen. 


    24/7 Uptime. No Wait Time.

    Crisis communication chatbots provide answers to questions even when crisis center employees are not able to.


    Stop wasting human time on common questions. Answer them once, and the chatbot answers them thousands of times. No queues, no downtime. No waiting.


    Example: Deploy a Health Crisis Chatbot in Two Hours

    Speed is essential in crisis. Build and deploy a crisis communication chatbot in a few hours. 


    Check out GetJenny's coronavirus chatbot example on this page. It was built for healthcare professionals who want to provide current information on COVID-19.


    It took two hours to build.


    "At the moment, it is extremely important to communicate about coronavirus in a truthful and coherent way."

     "A chatbot developed by GetJenny allows our customers to get up-to-date information on the current state of the virus and answers to common questions efficiently around the clock."

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