Seamless Integrations

    Grab the opportunity to serve every customer. JennyBot integrates with popular customer service softwares for effortless chatbot and human support.




    Connect your Customer Experience Services

    Wherever your customer journeys begin or end, JennyBot supports handovers to your favourite CRM, live chat software or support solution. 


    Optimal Customer Reach

    Never lose the chance to connect with a customer. From first touchpoint to successful resolution, measure chatbot-resolved conversations and agent-closed tickets for a full picture of your customer service success.


    LeadDesk Integration Coming Soon!

    We are thrilled to announce JennyBot will soon have seamless integration to LeadDesk - an omnichannel contact center solution for customer support and sales.

    LeadDesk and GetJenny

    “Thanks to the integration with Zendesk, our JennyBot creates tickets when human agents are unavailable

    so we can take care of customer issues 24/7. The cooperation with GetJenny has been smooth from the beginning. We really valued their flexibility and attention to our needs.

    Supported Integration Partners

    JennyBot works with these popular systems for a truly seamless customer service experience



    Customer Support Platform and Ticket System
    Reach the right live agent faster with smart funnel: complex issues create tickets for agents, by department.  Premium and Enterprise Zendesk customers only. Read more here.



    Live Chat Solution
    Support chatbot-to-agent handover with full chat logs, buttons support and more.
    Read more here.



    Sales and Customer Service Live Chat
    Streamline live chat support with JennyBot, transfer issues that require human support to a live agent.
    Read more here.


    SAP Contact Center

    Customer Service Management Solution
    JennyBot AI-powered customer service automation routes customers to a human agent if necessary. The integration can also notify the customer of queue length.

    Lime CRM and GetJenny

    Lime CRM

    Complete Customer Relationship Management Solution
    Connect Lime with your AI chatbot. Automate customer dialogue and create new contacts and issues in Lime CRM when needed.



    Secure Omni-Channel Live Chat
    Transfer non-automatable conversations seamlessly to live chat agents and show live chat queue length to customers.




    Customer Experience Live Chat
    With button and link integration support, JennyBot also supports automatic transfer to live agent on customer request if one is available.

    Messenger and GetJenny


    Live Chat Solution from Facebook
    Deflect common issues with GetJenny AI chatbots, transfer conversations to human agents. Comes with button and card support. 



    Contact Center Solutions
    JennyBot integrations support a full-featured customer experience, including button and link support, and transfers to live agents if necessary.

    Augment Your Customer Service

    Clean up your customer service inbox. Automate frequent issues with JennyBot, while agents focus on the complex issues.

    Go to Plans

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    An AI-powered chatbot that reaches up to 87% automation of customer issues, creates a conversational experience on your website, and generates leads. It requires zero technical knowledge to use and is simple to install on your website.

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    Measure how chatbots benefit your brand. Track automation rate, conversations transferred to agent, NPS and poll scoring, and trending frequent customer questions.

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    JennyBot is built from the ground up with security in mind and is committed to keeping customer data secure. It’s trusted by medical providers and insurance companies for its iron-clad encryption protocols.

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