The Chatbot That Delivers Results

JennyBot solves 80% of customer inquiries automatically. So you don't have to. 

The No-Code Chatbot

Anyone can build and customize a bot with JennyBot's intuitive and easy-to-use platform. 


You don't need technical skills, start building your first chatbot after a short 2-hour training. 


(almost) Instant ROI

The average JennyBot user sees returns on their investment within 2-3 months. 

Get your personalised ROI forecast with a quick call.


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Clever and Cutting-Edge

Under the hood, JennyBot is powered by a custom AI that uses NLP and NLU to understand your customer's intent.



You Choose How To Use JennyBot

Standalone Chatbot

If your company doesn't use any live chat solution, JennyBot is a convenient way to provide exceptionally fast customer support, answer customers' FAQs and generate sales leads.

JennyBot + Live Chat

JennyBot works from your live chat window and deflects over 80% of frequent issues, saving time for your human agents.

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Integrates with Your Services

Personalize your chatbot experience. Open tickets, give order information, relay delivery times, offer subscription management and more.

Supported omni-channel platforms include Zendesk and SAP Contact Center. 


Show, Don't Tell

Show charts, infographics, and animations. Point to relevant pages with links. Share videos that play right in the chatbot window.


Give your customers visual, interactive conversations, tailored for their needs.


Stay on Brand

Every company is special. We understand that. 


That's why we made it possible to white-label JennyBot to speak your look and feel with customizable widget, colors, logos, buttons and more.


Packed With The Features You Need

chatbot with different languages getjenny

30+ Languages Supported

JennyBot speaks your language.

secure chatbot data transmission getjenny

GDPR Compliant

We are fully compliant under GDPR.

tbot that collects client feedback getjenny

Customer Feedback Collection

Collect actionable feedback from chatbot conversations. 

chatbot to agent transfer getjenny

Agent Transfer

Bring an agent into the conversation automatically when needed. 

chatbot analytics jenybot

Chatbot Analytics

Measure your success and improve the bot in real-time.

chatbot with live chat integration getjenny


Connect your most-used services to JennyBot.

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Build Amazing Customer Experiences

JennyBot packages are available in plans designed for your company needs.

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Connect with your favourite CRM, Service Platform or live chat provider and provide a seamless customer experience over all your services.

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Get actionable insights of how customers interact with your brand and measure chatbot performance.

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JennyBot is built for security conscious users in mind. Protect customer data with state-of-the-art digital security measures built into every chatbot.

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