Unlock the Power of Customer Service Automation

A chatbot packed with all the features you need to deliver for your customers.

chatbot with different languages getjenny

30+ Languages Supported

JennyBot speaks your language.

gdpr compliant chatbot provider getjenny

GDPR Compliant

We are fully compliant under GDPR. Learn more. 

87% automation chatbot getjenny

Live Chat Integrations

Integrate JennyBot with you customer service tools. Learn more.

NLP chatbot getjenny


Benefit from Natural Language Processing technology that knows what your visitors are saying.

chatbot with suggested answers getjenny

Deflect Frequent Issues

Eliminate manual work with up to 87% automation. Learn more. 

chatbot to agent transfer getjenny

Agent Transfer

Bring an agent into the conversation automatically when needed. 

tbot that collects client feedback getjenny

Customer Feedback Collection

Collect actionable feedback from chatbot conversations. Learn more. 

chatbot analytics jenybot

Chatbot Analytics

Measure your success and improve the bot in real-time. Learn more.

button chatbot getjenny

Button Bot

Use interactive buttons to make visitors take the desired action. 

clustering with chatbot getjenny


Identify and categorise frequent issues easily.

customer support through getjenny chatbot

Stellar Support

Dedicated customer success team is always here to support you. 

chatbot with live chat integration getjenny

CRM Integrations

JennyBot integrates with your CRM and database.

ai chatbot getjenny


Connect your most-used services to JennyBot.

secure chatbot data transmission getjenny

Superior Security

Engage Customers Securely. Learn more. 

chatbot with suggested answers getjenny

Answer Suggestions

Free up your agents' time with JennyBot suggesting contextually relevant answers.

chatbot widget to a webaite getjenny provider

Standalone Chatbot

No live chat? No problem. We have a chatbot-only solution for you. Learn more.

customize your chatbot widget getjenny

Customisable Widget

Tailor JennyBot to speak your look and feel. Learn more.

human-directed chatbot getjenny


Combine human empathy and a power of AI with our unique human-directed approach. 

open api chatbot provider getjennny

Learning Suggestions

Powerful AI suggests new question-answer pairs for human approval.

log history chatbot getjenny

Conversation Logs

Access all past conversations any time to develop your customer support. 

ai based chatbot getjenny

Conversational AI

Create human-like conversational flows in minutes. 

Our chatbot currently handles 80-90% of conversations from start to finish.

GetJenny chatbots save time for our customer advisors. Customers can manage their subscription cancellations 24/7 through the chatbot, and frequently asked questions are automated thanks our chatbot.

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