Internal Support Chatbot

    Nurture knowledge sharing between company departments and ensure employees are up-to-date on latest company practises, documentation and processes with AI chatbot automation.



    Cut Time in Knowledge Retrieval

    Give employees an instant source of up-to-date information on any subject, reducing time searching for and validating resources. A simple chatbot conversation gives them the knowledge they need.


    Save Onboarding Time

    All employees can hit the ground running, safe in the knowledge that a simple question to an internal chatbot can quickly give them the answers they need, when they need them. 


    Build an Efficient Knowledge-Based Culture

    Internal Chatbots streamline knowledge building by ensuring that even when dealing with external communications, efficiency can be doubled. As an internal search engine for all your knowledge, internal chatbots ensure that outbound communications are up-to-date and in-line with policies.


    Filter Support Messages

    Use JennyBot to filter issue requests for your IT department, for example. Decision tree branching can give your support staff a structured ticket for each support request, as well as using automation for simpler issues.


    Simplify Team Knowledge Sharing

    Explore chatbot options that fit your team needs and build a strong internal knowledge sharing culture for your brand.

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    Lead Generation

    Generate more leads with conversational chatbots. Qualify visitors and supply relevant solutions to their needs through natural language processing. Automatically send qualified leads to your sales team to continue a human-directed sales process.

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    Customer Service

    Build sustainable customer-brand relationships with a customer service chatbot. Automate up to 87% of conversations and give live agents the time opportunity to serve customers with complex cases.

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    Crisis Communication Chatbot

    Remove uncertainty in times of emergency. Provide factual answers to concerned citizens automatically 24/7.

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