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85% Chatbot Automation Saves 330 Hours per Month

Varma's chatbot Helmi, built on the GetJenny platform gives customers 24/7 access to customer service, provides 85% automation for their customer service team.

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saara porkka finnkino

65% Lower Live Chat Queue Length with JennyBot

Finnish largest cinema chain Finnkino brings a chatbot online in 2020, improved their website engagement rate, and reduced customer support agent load by 62%. 

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JennyBot with an RPA integration hits 86% Automation Rate

A-Lehdet, a publishing conglomerate in Finland, leverage JennyBot to provide self-service customer management with RPA. 

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"LocalTapiola’s first chatbot, ChattiJenni, has independently managed 87% of the chats."

"Through ChattiJenni, we can offer customers an easy and fast round-the-clock service, providing customers with answers on frequently asked questions. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with GetJenny, and are looking forward to future projects.”

"In the first month of its launch, our chatbot successfully answered almost 11,000 queries,

becoming an integral ‘member’ of the PizzaExpress team and ensuring customers are supported 24/7. 


Sheryl Southall, Head of Customer Service at PizzaExpress

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"Using the chatbot, we have been able to automate more than 60% of the repetitive questions,

leaving more time for our agents to focus on more demanding tasks. Thanks to the simplicity of the JennyBot user interface, we are able to keep training our digital co-worker Ellis more and more every day"


Linda Hay, Head of Customer Service, Göteborg Energi

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"Our chatbot on Ukko.fi significantly reduced phone and email requests and sped up response times.

Thanks to the integration with Zendesk, our JennyBot creates tickets when human agents are unavailable so we can take care of customer issues 24/7.


We’ve seen greater customer satisfaction in our customer service since using JennyBot.” 


Ville Miettinen, Business Development, UKKO.fi


"We use GetJenny chatbot to drive leads into our sales funnel.

As JennyBot answers the most frequent questions, we can serve our customers and potential customers better 24/7. Better service generates new business for us."


Per Hednert, Chief Marketing Officer 


“Our chatbot answers the most important questions automatically

allowing our customer service agents to focus on more demanding tasks.” 


Riitta Pulkka, Customer Relations Director

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"GetJenny always helps.

No matter how small the problem or question is, help comes quickly. Absolutely exceptionally good customer service."


Saara Porkka, Guest Experience Manager at Finnkino Oy

saara porkka finnkino
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More Success Stories

Liisa-Maria Koivuniemi Turva copy

90% Conversations Automated Every Month

Mutual insurance firm, Turva, saves time and generates more sales while JennyBot takes care of most of customer questions. 
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Finland's largest NGO Hits 90% Automation in Four Months

Yrittäjät integrated JennyBot with a live chat service provider and saw 90% of all queries automated in just four months.

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Chatbot Tyyne Brings Efficiencies to ETK’s Customer Service

Tyyne changed the nature of ETK’s customer service work. Previously, agents spent a lot of time on repeated, simplistic issues. Now Tyyne handles those.

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Why did our customers choose us

Based on our most recent customer satisfaction survey these three factors are the most important factors that influenced our customers' decision when selecting us.


No technical knowledge required


JennyBot's overall ease of use


Integration capabilities

"Our chatbot delights visitors, answers their questions and drives more informed and qualified potential customers to our sales team

GetJenny helped us build a chatbot that reflects our brand values, a chatbot that's easy to use and makes life easier for our human CX team."


Niko Pehkonen is the Chief Digital Officer at Väre.

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"We built our famous chatbot Teppo using GetJenny

and got an excellent new way to serve our customers. He's a valued member of our colorful Turva team and helps us serve customers 24/7.


Jenni Holmen, Development Manager, Customer Experience and Organizational Learning

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"GetJenny platform is versatile and easy-to-use."

You don't need to know coding or be an IT expert, it’s a chatbot platform that simply delivers results. It feels like we have full control over JennyBot and it’s capable of doing a lot of things for us."


Riina Leinonen, Customer Service, LUT University


"Working with the GetJenny team and solution has been very flexible.

With the help of their solution, we have been able to offer a 24/7 first contact service fully automating 40% of incoming questions.


We are happy with the results and are excited to expand our collaboration.


Ove Uljas, Vice President, Business Development & Customer Experience, Mehiläinen


“Implementing JennyBot to our needs has worked well and we are receiving good feedback from our members.

GetJenny is enhancing what we do – helping us to help Finnish entrepreneurs. Chatbots are important digital touchpoints and essential to an organization’s digitalization journey.”


Taru Jussila, Executive Vice President of Communications, Yrittäjät


"Chatbot saves enough time to fully release 1-2 customer advisors for other customer service work.

Our chatbot operating 24/7, is able to identify a customer's actual question, even if the customer doesn’t know the exact terminology to use.


Anne Rautu, Marketing Manager at YTK.

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