AI Chatbots for Media and Entertainment Industries

Promote products and let customers discover more of your content, manage their subscriptions, and check event updates. Automatically and in seconds. 

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Customers asking the same questions?

And your customer service team handles them all manually?  

Stop wasting your customer service agents' time on repetitive tasks.

 Chatbots answer frequent questions in seconds! 

Now your customer support agents can focus on complex tasks without burning out.

"The bot is easy to use, has a good price and is developed by a Finnish company"

“The chatbot implementation went very smoothly. The bot now handles about half of all the questions coming to us."

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Read Finnkino's story

"Our chatbot currently handles 80-90% of conversations from start to finish."

"JennyBot helps our customer advisors focus on the most challenging issues facing their clients, rather than basic questions."

Read A-Lehdet's Story

Why Use JennyBot?

Promote Your Solutions

Conversational AI helps your customers discover more of your content and products.


Serve More, Spend Less

Deflect up to 87% of chats automatically and save time for your team.

Share Updates With Customers Fast

Give fast 24/7 customer service even in times of uncertainty.

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Do You Have:

  • A large number of customer queries every month?
  • Customer support agents constantly overloaded with repetitive tasks?
  • Customers who expect top customer support 24/7?

Get a free chatbot demo and learn how to automate up to 87% of your customer service requests.

Let our chatbot experts help you optimize customer support in your organization. 

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AI Chatbots: Your Personal Salesperson

Conversational AI helps customers discover more of your content and products. Simply link them to relevant opportunities in a chatbot conversation. 

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Deflect up to 87% of Service Requests Automatically

Open tickets, troubleshoot problems and help customers solve their issues without transferring to a human customer service representative unless absolutely necessary.

Increase Productivity with JennyBot-10

Why Our Customers Choose Us

No Technical Knowledge Required

Anyone can build chatbots with JennyBot! Our training takes only 2 hours.

Human-Directed Approach

You have 100% control over the chatbot and every conversation it has.

Rich Integration Capabilities

JennyBot integrates with popular customer service software. See our popular integrations.

Give Customers Freedom to Manage and Edit their Subscriptions

With subscription cancellation and tickets exchange, let your customers experience simple, straightforward service that gives them an incentive to buy again from you later. 

chatbot for entertainment industry - JennyBot

Keep Customers Informed on all Event Changes

With cancelled or postponed events, give your customers the latest news and options with a simple chatbot conversation.

chatbot for entertainment industry - GetJenny 2021

JennyBot in Entertainment and Media Industries

Entertainment, Media and Publishing brands already save time and money with chatbots.


Finnkino: Finland's Largest Cinema Chain

Finnkino improved their website engagement rate, shortened wait time, and reduced customer support agent load by 62%. 

Read Finnkino's story

A-Lehdet: Finnish Media Conglomerate

A-Lehdet hit an 86% automation rate and provided self-service subscription management with RPA integrations. 

Read A-Lehdet's Story

Simple. Powerful. Customisable.

Serve more and sell more with JennyBot!

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True AI Technology

Leverage AI technology that understands your visitors and responds with relevant answers.

chatbot for customer support getjenny

Easy to Setup and Use

JennyBot was independently rated 10x easier to use than its' closest competitor.

chatbot with live chat integration getjenny

Live Chat Integrations

Serve customers with live chat and chatbot in the same chat experience. Learn more. 

chatbot with different languages getjenny

30+ Languages Supported

Serve customers in their language.

gdpr compliant chatbot provider getjenny

GDPR Compliant

Keep customers' private information confidential. Learn more. 

tbot that collects client feedback getjenny

Customer Feedback Collection

Learn and adapt to your customer's feedback. Read more. 

Frequent Questions Answered

Do you work with other Entertainment and Media companies already?

Yes, chatbots built with JennyBot have already saved 100s of hours for customer service teams in entertainment and media brands around the world, including Finnkino and A-Lehdet.

What automation percentage can we achieve with JennyBot?

Our customers usually see about 60 - 90% automation rate within the first couple of months. Depending on how much time your team can invest on training the chatbot, you can achieve these numbers even faster. 

What is your pricing model?

We have several pricing tiers depending on your needs, you can check them out here. Ask one of our team for a quote based on your needs. We do not charge start-up costs.

Who trains the chatbot?

Usually your customer service agents teach the chatbot. JennyBot is simple to use, and they can immediately start working on it after a two-hours training with our team. 

We can also build the chatbot for you, of course. 

What about your chatbot's privacy and security?

Our security and privacy policies are trusted by government bodies, healthcare providers and financial institutions. All chatbot transmissions are encrypted, and we use the best tools to ensure data privacy. The JennyBot service also fully GDPR/CCPA compliant. Read more


Why should I choose GetJenny?

To put it simply: 

  • Track record working with Entertainment and Media brands globally.
  • Go live and start automating in just 8 days. 
  • Independently rated 10x easier to use than competing solutions. 
  • Our clients consistently automate 60 - 90% of online customer support within 3 months of deployment.

Need More Answers? We're Here For You

Streamline customer service for your entertainment, media and publishing brand. AI chatbots help you scale customer support with an intelligent conversational experience that personally connects with each and every one of your customers instantly, wasting zero man-hours.

Provide a better customer experience in mixed-media subscriptions, including magazines, newspapers, books, movies, TV shows and more. Support customers in situations where an event or concert is cancelled or rescheduled, with no need to hire new customer service agents. 

Offer customers automated 24/7 self-service on their subscriptions, tickets, plus recommend new products and add-ons for upsale opportunities.

Give customers a better brand experience and save time for your customer service agents to focus on more challenging or revenue-driving tasks.