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We are proud that leading financial sector players in the Nordics are using Jenny's professional services based on Starchat to raise their customer support efficiency by 60%. 

STARCHAT - The Open Source Conversational Engine Behind Jenny At GetJenny, we are committed not only to our customers, but to the future. We know that beyond the hype of chatbots, there's a real need for machines that are capable of understanding human language inputs. 

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We already support Liveperson, Giosg, Genesys and Zendesk. We are currently building integrations to other CRM's so get in touch.

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"We think The Jenny Smartlayer and the integration with Liveperson is perfect for training the bot and increase efficiency in Enterprise customer support"

Seetvun Amir

"GetJenny is extremely easy and quick to set up on our platform. Operator to bot relationship is also working great and smoothly which is crucial for both customer experience and service efficiency. "

Immo Salonen, SVP, Global Sales

"Using the GetJenny chatbot solution, which we named Emma, we have been able to automate above 60% of repetitive customer service questions. Using the GetJenny Web User Interface our agents are able to easily update and maintain the chatbot as needed”

Asko Mustonen

IF Insurance Company

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