Supercharge your chat support
Quit hiding your support chat.
Use automation to achieve 
a 100% answer rate and zero second 
response times with Jenny!

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"We think The Jenny Smartlayer and the integration with Liveperson is perfect for training the bot and increase efficiency in Enterprise customer support."

Seetvun Amir,  LivePerson


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Virtual Agents
Trained from your existing logs and day to day operations.
Customized for different roles.
First responders, or delegated routines - the choice is yours.
Ideal for enterprises.

Open Source
Introducing Starchat, a scalable conversational engine for B2B applications.
Easily implement workflow-based virtual agents.

Analyze user's query and set responses accordingly.
Connect your systems to act on user queries:

send e-mails, update databases to automate entire workflows.


Supercharge your chat operations

Say goodbye to typing and searching for template answers.
SmartLayer helps your customer service reps by recommending the best answer to the customer's query - as it comes in.
Customize the answer, supervise the routine, or trust Jenny - the control is yours.
Available in 50 languages.

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