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Increase Productivity

Slash repetitive grunt work by up to 87%. Give your service agents time to resolve challenging customer situations and serve more customers per hour than ever.

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Exceed Your KPIs

Shrink first response and resolution times. Grow messaging support and website engagement. Deflect customers from phone and email support services. 


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You Choose How To Use JennyBot

Standalone Chatbot

Provide exceptionally fast support, answer customers' FAQs and generate leads with a standalone chatbot.

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JennyBot + Live Chat

JennyBot works from your live chat window and deflects over 80% of frequent issues, saving time for your human agents.

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Grow Sales

Simplify buying at scale. Grab upsell opportunities with value-added human support from your agents and conversational process automation from AI customer service chatbots. 


Improve Customer Experience

Support your customers 24/7 with instant answers and robotic process automation for tasks like stock checking, delivery reporting and ticket creation.


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"LocalTapiola’s first chatbot, ChattiJenni, has independently managed 87% of the chats."

"Through ChattiJenni, we can offer customers an easy and fast round-the-clock service, providing customers with answers on frequently asked questions. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with GetJenny, and are looking forward to future projects.”

Chatbots That Deliver



Hours Saved Monthly

Customer request automation saves your team up to 330 work hours per month.



Chat Automation

Proven track record automating 87% of online customer service work from the first month of operation. 



Easier to Use

Independently rated against alternative chatbot solutions.


Connect Your Contact Center Solution

JennyBot integrates with popular customer service softwares, CRMs and live chat solutions for seamless cooperation between chatbot and human support.
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How Customer Service Chatbots Work


Customers service chatbots are taught to recognize and answer common questions from visitors on your website. They can work alone or as part of your live chat solution. 

JennyBot leverages a powerful AI to understand and provide immediate answers to most customer questions. It's common to see over 80% of your customer's questions deflected by JennyBot within the first month of deployment. 

Chatbots built through JennyBot can integrate with populate service solutions, including Zendesk, SAP Contact Center, SnapEngage and HubSpot. They will transfer unknown questions to human agents when available.

If no human support is available, a customer service chatbot built through JennyBot can perform complex tasks including information retrieval, storage and ticket creation.

JennyBot is also capable of powering customer service chatbots which connect with your inventory and logistics systems to give customers information about their orders, delivery times and status (in an eCommerce example). 

barona on GetJenny chatbot platform

"There's a wealth of chatbot providers out there, not all of which are AI powered though. 

GetJenny is one of the more known ones that learns from your data."

Forbes on GetJenny chatbot platform

"GetJenny’s solution stands out in how it leverages its bespoke artificial intelligence-driven product.

GetJenny allows companies to automate conversations and tasks with chatbots without programming."

techeu on GetJenny chatbot platform

"The Finnish startup’s product can handle routine and repeated tasks about as good as human agents,

allowing the latter to focus on more important and challenging tasks."

JennyBot with an RPA integration hits 86% Automation Rate

"GetJenny chatbots save time for our customer advisors. Customers can manage their subscription cancellations 24/7 and frequently asked questions are automated thanks to Aaro, our chatbot."

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85% Chatbot Automation Saves 330 Hours per Month

"Our GetJenny chatbot complements our customer service department. GetJenny is easy-to-use, can be deployed quickly and does not require technical skills."

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A Swedish Energy Company automates over 60% of online support and provide the best possible customer service with JennyBot.

"Thanks to the simplicity of the user interface and the fast support from GetJenny, we are able to keep training our chatbot more and more every day."

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Finland's largest NGO Hits 90% Automation in Four Months

“Implementing GetJenny to our needs has worked well and we are receiving good feedback from our members”

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👌 Easy to Use

Use your existing team. Zero technical skills required. 

⚡ Powerful AI

Bespoke NLU/NLP engine that speaks your language.

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🖇️ Integrations

Interacts with popular CRMs, live chat solutions and more.

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