Automate 67% of Support Requests for a 20k Person Event

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JennyBot handled frequent, simple request from event attendees



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Chatbot was quickly implemented and went live within six weeks



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Slush support received more support requests compared to previous year

An Effective Customer Support at Slush

Regardless of the freezing weather and mid-winter darkness of Finnish November, 20,000 people came and participated in Slush 2017 in Helsinki. Effective customer support plays a crucial role in managing people during the 2-day event. To be able to maximise the event experience and value of the event for the participants requires significant customer service resources. That is unless you can help the support staff by automating the repetitive customer service inquiries of the participants.

Jenny chatbot handled up to 67% of chat conversations in Slush 2017, significantly reducing the workload of the Slush info team while enabling 24/7 chat support for the event participants.

Jenny chatbot was available on the Slush mobile app as well as on the Slush website and due to, the 24-hour support channel, the chat discussions increased by 55% from the previous year.

In Conferences, Most Customer Service Inquiries Are Repetitive

During Slush, most of the questions the info chat team is handling are the same general questions, for example: how to get to the venue, where to claim your badge, who are the speakers and when are they on stage.

“We wanted our info chat team to have more time to support our guests with their questions, and we concluded that having a chatbot to answer most repetitive ones would enable better customer care in total.”

explains Saara Pelto-Arvo, Head of Communications at Slush.

"The feedback on our support and Jenny was only positive

and collaboration with GetJenny team was easy, regardless of the tight schedule. It was an absolute pleasure to work with GetJenny team!"

Implementing Jenny Chatbot in Less Than Two Months

The Slush and GetJenny teams first got together in the beginning of October 2017, less than two months before the event.

The challenge for GetJenny was to integrate Jenny chatbot in such a short time to a new live chat platform, Ninchat. Part of the integration was connecting Jenny to Slush database, to provide dynamic speaker and agenda information into automated conversations. By doing this, GetJenny proved its versatility and ability to deploy faster than most competitors in the market.

The Slush team analyzed previous year’s chat data to decide which questions Jenny should be answering during the event.

Jenny was to go LIVE in few weeks’ time.

The teams at Slush and GetJenny taught Jenny chatbot questions and answers right up until the doors of Slush 2017 opened. The Jenny User Interface is designed so that anyone can teach chatbots without any technical expertise. Thanks to user friendly interface it was possible for the Slush info team to continue teaching Jenny throughout the event, based on what the participants were looking for, thus continuously increasing the automation of the support chat and improving the customer experience.

More Time to Focus on Complex Enquiries

Jenny exceeded expectations, and from the onset was handling over 60% of the chat conversations. It significantly reduced the load from the Slush info team, allowing them to focus on more complex inquiries.

If Jenny did not know the answer, the chat conversation was automatically transferred to the Slush Live info team during the hours of the event, who then completed the conversation. Using the Jenny User Interface the Slush team was quickly able to teach Jenny the answer to the question it was not able to answer earlier.

Thanks to Jenny, the Slush chat was open 24 hours a day throughout the event, enabling effective customer support also outside the event hours, without any additional resources.

Effective and Valuable

With Jenny chatbot, the Slush team achieved what they were after in a chatbot; handling the repetitive questions of the 20,000 people at the event.

During Slush the total chat discussions increased by 55% while Slush volunteers handled 51% fewer chat discussions compared to previous year thanks to automation. Over the four days Jenny the chatbot handled between 62–67% of chat conversations automatically.

The Slush info team was able to provide an excellent support experience for the event participants, and effectively assist in managing the expectations of the people during the event. “The feedback on our support and Jenny was only positive, and collaboration with GetJenny team was easy, regardless of the tight schedule. It was an absolute pleasure to work with GetJenny team!” says Saara Pelto-Arvo, Head of Communications at Slush.

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