How to go live in 6 weeks and automate nearly 70% of customer support work in a 20,000 people event with Jenny chatbot.

Regardless of the freezing weather and mid-winter darkness of Finnish November, 20,000 people came and participated in Slush 2017 in Helsinki. Effective customer support plays a crucial role in managing people during this 2-day event. Being able to maximize the event experience and value of the event for the participants requires significant customer service resources. That is unless you can help the support staff by automating the repetitive customer service inquiries.

Included in this paper:

  • Organizing an effective customer support at Slush 2017;
  • The chatbot integration process: challenges and solutions;
  • How the support team and Jenny chatbot worked together for better results;
  • Insights on the results from SLUSH 2017;
  • Slush team feedback on working with GetJenny platform. 

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