Göteborg Energi Enhances Customer Experience with Chatbot Ellis

    Working 8 hours a day with 60% automation

    Göteborg Energi is an energy company owned by the City of Gothenburg. It sells and distributes electricity and other services to the second-largest urban area in Sweden. With the help of GetJenny they were able to automate more than 60% of their online support already during the first month and provide the best possible customer service in more complicated matters.



    Month to go Live

    Thanks to the simplicity of JennyStudio, it took only 1 month to go live with the chatbot. 



    Customer Inquiries Automated

    On average, Ellis the chatbot deals with 60% of customer inquiries automatically.

    Need: Göteborg Energi Wants to Make Their Customer Service More Efficient

    At the end of 2018, Göteborg Energi started looking for ways to use their customer service agents’ time and knowledge more effectively to solve more complex matters. They chose GetJenny, a trusted chatbot partner of Göteborg Energi’s live-chat provider giosg, for a chatbot implementation project with the following goals:

    • Provide instant, automated answers to commonly asked questions
    • Free up customer service agents to solve more complex matters
    • Give the chatbot an initial knowledge base using current FAQ pages and chat logs
    • Chatbot should direct customers to Göteborg Energi contact form and/or call back when it does not know, or is not allowed to provide an answer and when there are no agents available.

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    Solution: GetJenny Chatbot Supports Göteborg Energi’s Customers Through Giosg Live Chat Around the Clock

    GetJenny helped Göteborg Energi create its first digital colleague, Ellis. A selection of Göteborg Energi’s customer service agents became bot whisperers, training Ellis with support from GetJenny’s customer success team. Chatbot Ellis was trained over the month of March 2019 based on data from giosg’s live chat records.   

    In April 2019, its first month of operation, Ellis was already able to recognize 75 percent of customer questions. And Ellis is always learning.

    Göteborg Energi using GetJenny chatbot to automate customer service case study

    Chatbot Ellis transferred approximately 27% of the conversations to his human colleagues during the first month of operation. The average percentage of transferred conversations during the eight first months of operation was 40%. 

    Linda Hay points out, “We can clearly see that our customers want service from our chatbot but also from our customer service agents. The point is to make the workload more reasonable for our customer service team so that they can provide the best possible service in more complicated matters.”

    Thanks to the simplicity of the user interface and the fast support from GetJenny, we are able to keep training our digital co-worker Ellis more and more every day.


    Results: How Göteborg Energi’s Online Customer Service has Changed Since Chatbot Ellis

    Göteborg Energi’s customers often report that both live chat and chatbot are a frictionless way to get answers and information. After Ellis was introduced, the nature of customer service work has changed significantly. 


    Explanation for this image table: Göteborg's chat opening hours remained at 8 hours a day with the introduction of Ellis. The chatbot supported live agents by increasing their capacity to answer customer inquiries during office hours. The number of chats handled per month increased by 10% due to this capacity increase. Chatbot Ellis automated on average, 60% of chat conversations monthly. Göteborg's previous automation of chats was zero. Before Ellis was implemented, human agents handled all the conversations, now they address only around 40% of the conversations, even when taking into account the increased capacity. (Note from GetJenny content team: If you are using an accessibility device to read this page and this alt text was helpful, please let us know -- if you can compare it to our case study from Varma, where we use a text table, instead of an image, comparison feedback would be especially useful too! Thank you for reading!) End of table image.

    Now Ellis handles most of the repetitive questions, while its human colleagues now have more time to focus on complex customer service situations, where essential human skills like creative thinking, empathy, emotional intelligence, and life experience are needed.

    Following their chatbot's successful automated support and the increased chat capacity for their customer service team, Göteborg Energi expanded chatbot Ellis to serve customers 24/7 from April 2020 onwards. 

    “We plan to continue working with our partners GetJenny and giosg so that we can offer exceptional customer service in 2020 and beyond,” summarizes Linda Hay.  

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