Webinar: How to run a successful chatbot project?

    Based on our experience of working with customer service teams in both SMEs and enterprises we now want to provide you with an understanding of a successful chatbot project.  


    In this webinar we will briefly cover the following topics:

    • Why to include a chatbot in your customer service team?
    • What a chatbot can and can't do to help you build a strong brand?
    • What to consider before the first chatbot project?
    • What are the best practices for a chatbot project management?
    • Project outline
    • Who to involve in the chatbot project?
    • What and how to communicate?
    • What is a human-directed approach and why it's the best way to implement a chatbot?
    • Audience questions.

    Webinar time: On-demand.

    Expertise provided by GetJenny Sales Director Ilkka Vertanen and Customer Success Manager Annu Karhu. Ilkka has proven track-record of improving customer experience through high-quality customer service chats & human-directed AI chatbots.

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