Riku Salminen

by Riku Salminen

on September 17, 2019

Partnership in Action: Chatbots for the Pensions Industry

In growth companies, partnerships can be essential to business strategy. By building relationships with other companies, we can strengthen product distribution, scale business and solidify credibility with our customers. 

At GetJenny, our two million euro funding round in February established opportunities to connect and partner with talented teams in Finland and internationally. 

Our strategic partnership goal for growth started to carry more weight when speaking to our colleague, Juhani Vuorio at Microsoft: “It’s a pleasure to see GetJenny’s product as part of other affiliate services. Our goal is to promote GetJenny’s business through shared customer relationships and to provide networking opportunities with other Microsoft partners.”

We've built strong connections with multinationals like Microsoft, automation and integration consultants Siili, and live chat specialists Giosg. Each collaboration gives us an opportunity to make magic, to build amazing solutions that help people and companies connect on a human level. 


Partnerships in Action

Earlier this year, Keva, a national pensions company in Finland published a request for proposals to improve their customer service solutions using chatbots. They wanted to:

  • provide 24/7 customer support
  • implement chatbot solutions to reduce call volumes
  • automate at least 50% of their incoming calls and chats
  • have chatbots utilise Keva's knowledge base
  • help customers find the right information, faster
  • provide chatbot support in Finnish and Swedish

GetJenny was born to solve these issues. In partnership with Siili and Giosg, we submitted a proposal to Keva offering our services. 

Our offer stood out from the competition and we were happy to win the case. The four year contract begins with the implementation of the Jenny platform to handle repetitive customer support questions all day, every day. 


Why us?

Keva rated the joint offer GetJenny, Siili and Giosg made on a detailed scale and compared us with other tenders. Our partnership topped the scale:

  • our combined industry experience ranks highest
  • the features we provide match their needs
  • our solution is 10x easier to use than the competition

GetJenny utilises our expertise of intelligent customer service for this case. We bring human-directed AI to the customer service sphere and open doors to speedy, reliable, 24/7 customer support. 


How Jenny Platform Works

The Jenny platform we developed works alongside customer service agents. It automatically handles up to 80% of their common customer issues, so that those agents can focus on solving the complex issues that bug customers most.

Once in operation, the Jenny platform increases agent job satisfaction, reduces wait times and provides 24/7 support. It's simple to use -- just about anybody can use it.

Currently, about 90% of our clients are in Finland. As we invest in strategic partnerships, we hope to grow more internationally and expect that by the end of next year, about 50% of our clients will be served in the Nordics and around the world.

If you're interested in building a partnership with GetJenny, or want to know more about our product, get in touch. 


Riku Salminen is an experienced growth executive and Director of Partnerships at GetJenny. He's committed to bringing companies together for fruitful collaborations and enjoys playing squash and fishing in tranquil lakes during his spare time.

Send him an email at riku[at]getjenny.com or message him on LinkedIn.

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