Teemu Kinos

by Teemu Kinos

on October 12, 2017

5 tips for how to succeed in a chatbot project

The successful cooperation between Insurance Company IF and GetJenny started in the end of 2016 when IF was looking for an agile and ambitious partner for their chatbot project. IF needed the chatbot to fill the consumers wishes, not only those who already are customers of IF but the potential ones as well.

Asko Mustonen, Development Manager from IF was in charge of the project. Together with GetJenny, IF customer service and marketing teams they created Emma – a chatbot that is live 24/7 answering over 250 topics and developing weekly to help customers even further with their problems. We created this chatbot through our partners Giosg’s platform.

Plan, measure and continuously develop your chatbot

Many companies are currently exploring should they invest on a chatbot. What are the pros and cons? Can a chatbot really be a beneficial part of a customer service team? Does every website have to have it just because of the hype?

Asko listed 5 tips for his colleagues around who are wondering would a chatbot be the perfect answer for taking their customer service to the next level.

1. Be brave and think outside the box

Gather a group from different units, sit down together and analyze what would be the role of the chatbot and how do you see it affecting to your business. What are the goals for the project and how you are going to measure it? Be open to new ideas and start testing as soon as you can.

2. Human vs. Chatbot

Be honest. Are you solving a problem that chatbot couldn’t handle but a human would? Just because chatbots are cool it doesn’t mean you should necessarily have one. Sometimes an update on the website would be the best solution.

3. Teaching a chatbot is an everyday task

Chatbot is a team member like everyone else, it needs attention and education like we all do. Luckily working with a chatbot is sometimes easier than with us humans. You don’t have to be technical to do it and it learns without questioning your opinions.

4. Count the pros and cons in euros

Do the math. A chatbot project needs resources but if the project is planned carefully there will be time when chatbot is saving time from the customer service team, handling the most basic questions and allowing the team to focus on the more complex cases. Chatbot allows 24/7 customer service without adding the headcount.

5. Find the right partners

To achieve the best results you need to partner with skilled people with great passion. Collaboration with partners that really want to understand your business and commit to the project is key to a successful chatbot project.

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Watch the webinar - How to run a successful chatbot project

If you would like to learn more about chatbots please read our guide on chatbots.GetJenny_case_Emma_2_121017

Teemu Kinos
Teemu Kinos

GetJenny CEO & Co-founder

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