by Jenny

on September 05, 2018


When it comes to AI, industrial manufacturing companies arrive late to this trend. 85% of the companies were reported to use AI in 2016, the remaining 18% said that they will start using AI as a tool by 2020. The pressure of work however is pushing the industry to adapt technological innovation in a more serious matter.

It has been a struggle for engineers to get the data on time when they need it at construction sites. In fact, employees in the industry spend 20% to 30% of their time doing repetitive tasks, answering same kind of questions, and checking same activity.

This gap between manufacturing and construction sector has long affected productivity in the industry, pushing it to use AI as a solution for this problem. Chatbots were introduced as the best way to solve location based interactions and carry the unnecessary load of the employees.

Questions about equipment, design, location, and implementation can now be answered immediately by chatbots based on the information collected from project schedule, design, machinery list, and safety and inventory lists. More data is provided about the project, more accurate the analysis provided by Ai based chatbots will be. This automation of repetitive work, and the real-time support will increase productivity in the industry and the effort to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

The benefits of using AI and chatbots in the industry vary from IT, manufacturing and operations, R&D, sales, finance and accounting.

The benefits driven from the usage of Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry are overwhelming. By 2035, according to Forbes, the level of productivity will increase at least 40%, while the economy will grow at a rate of 1,7% minimum.

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If you would like to learn more about the use of AI and chatbots in industries,  please read our guide on AI and chatbots.

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