by Jenny

on September 05, 2018


AI is used in many major areas of the medical field such as detection of disease, drug discovery, treatment and research. Alongside this, the industry is showing an increased interest in automating its customer service.

Chatbots can assist patients through facilitating their booking process and support experience without the need for a  dedicated customer support team. Moreover, chatbots can guide and diagnose patients through understanding and assessing their symptoms via chat. Information collected by the AI based chatbot can save doctors time and help in decision making and treatment. The healthcare industry will benefit from the cost effectiveness, revenue optimization and the automated process of dealing with insurance companies.

Surprisingly, the industry mostly invested it's AI in the area of IT, which reached around 69%, in comparison to 21% investment in R&D only. Obviously, the focus of healthcare industry is not on research but on other areas like IT, marketing, finance, and customer service.  

The growth of AI in healthcare industry is expected to reach 100% by 2020. Not only will AI improve healthcare organisations, but it will revolutionize it. Chatbots in the healthcare industry will play an important role in effective healthcare and benefiting providers and patients.

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If you would like to learn more about the use of AI and chatbots in industries,  please read our guide on AI and chatbots.

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