on September 05, 2018 Software


A recent analyst report from Juniper Research found that by 2022, Chatbots will save companies about $8 billion per year in customer support costs.

The main function of a service desk is to guarantee that the users receive appropriate assistance in a timely manner. It is far more efficient to apply artificial intelligence to help clients on a 24/7 basis rather than employ people around the clock.

With the integration of artificial intelligence and chatbots, service desk agents do not have to go through tireless hours of research, basic software maintenance and product support. 80% of routine customer questions can already be handled by AI. Chatbots can be set up to resolve basic incidents and requests the users may have.

Through automating communications, the service desk industry can thrive and focus on expanding their use of application software products and/or infrastructure components, without the high expense of being available for their customers 24/7.

Artificial intelligence does not only speed up the process of transferring information from service agent to customer, but reduces cost, delivers a better customer experience, and has the potential to be more effective than people-based efforts.

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