on September 05, 2018 Software


Chatbot technology is linking employee right violations with the unions that defend them, to ensure everyone is treated justly.

Widespread trade unions may seem like a relic from a bygone era, however, with the advancement and clever usage of artificial intelligence technology, these organizations are gearing up for a comeback. The processing capabilities of chatbots and machine learning engines allows chatbots to connect countless employees in similar situations in order to rally support for workers’ rights and influence the corporate governance.

With the integration of chatbots in nearly every industry worldwide, the Swedish parody ad depicting chatbots rallying for their own rights may seem like the near future.

Chatbot technology allows users to connect seamlessly to an expanding and adapting web of information that adapts itself to each user’s needs. By implementing this technology to trade unions and labor movements, the employees can easily access all relevant information regarding their rights as workers and herald in a new union renaissance.

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