Mikko Rindell

by Mikko Rindell

on May 10, 2019

Are you taking advantage of these customer service tools and technologies?

Customer-centered organizations are looking for different ways to meet the client expectations in this interconnected 24/7 world where messaging is our preferred way of communication. 

It is of course not only about technology as pointed out in this article which well explained how T-Mobile reinvented their customer service over three years. Improved teamwork and creative solutions were (among others) essential factors as they increased both the employee and customer satisfaction. 

Increased employee satisfaction is also one of the direct benefits when customer service teams start work with our human-directed chatbot platform. For me, this has in a way surprised me during my first six months working here at GetJenny. 

Implementing technology successfully in customer service operations is crucial in the upcoming years. As Hubspot's Vice President of Services & Support Michael Redbord wrote earlier this year: "Adopting service technology helps companies manage the increasing demand for outstanding customer service." He also made the following customer service technology predictions for the upcoming ten years: 

  1. Face-to-face video communication will increase
  2. Real-time messaging will outpace email
  3. Bots (and AI) will help professionals, not replace them
  4. Blockchain will change e-commerce customer support
  5. Self-service will become an absolute necessity
  6. Customer success will become a competitive differentiator
  7. Customer service will be data-driven
  8. Customer service will become a standard customer service tool
  9. Customer service reps will solve fewer problems

I'm looking at this list now through my "customer service chatbot lenses." However, the truth is that Jenny platform is taking care of multiple customer service tasks for our clients as I am writing this blog article. From this perspective, I can see 6/9 items on this list already happening. Only list numbers 1, 4 & 8 are yet to be confirmed (for me personally). Moreover, this is probably only due to my limited understanding of these particular fields of technology.

Customer Service Software Categories 

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We have noticed that some organizations are reviewing their customer service technology stack before jumping in to automate conversations and tasks with chatbots. Even though customer service chatbot project with the help of Jenny platform has been a straightforward project even for our large SME and enterprise clients, it may be a good idea to review the surrounding technology landscape. Here are the most common technology categories related to customer service:

  1. Contact Center Software
  2. Live Chat Software
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
  4. Customer Feedback Software
  5. Help Desk Software
  6. Customer Self-Service Platforms
  7. Social Customer Service Software
  8. All-In-One Customer Service Software

We had a better look at each of the categories and listed all together 100+ tools and technologies for customer service in our new ebook. We are planning to update this piece of content so that it will be even more useful for customer service professionals. In case you decide to download it for your use, and you notice that we have forgotten to mention some customer service software you like or know, please let us know in the comments or by contacting me on LinkedIn.

Mikko Rindell
Mikko Rindell

Marketing Director

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