Mikko Rindell

by Mikko Rindell

on April 25, 2019

GetJenny hosts a group of senior citizens who are becoming AI mentors

GetJenny contributes to Finland's national AI strategy by providing free training for a group of senior citizens. These senior AI mentors have decided to educate themselves and share their knowledge with their fellow-citizens.

They have met regularly at Omnia AI Lab to learn about the different aspects of artificial intelligence and robotics. In addition to these educational sessions organized by Omnia, the AI mentors have visited several companies working in the field of artificial intelligence.

Omnia AI Lab visiting GetJenny

The company visit to GetJenny's office was the AI mentors' last company visit this spring. According to Omnia's AI program manager Pauli Isoaho, the program will be continued.

Our customer service chatbot platform was used for helping with Easter cooking

In addition to a short company presentation, discussions on our solution and partners, our customer success manager Annu Karhu had prepared a demo environment for this occasion. A timely topic for this test chatbot was Easter recipes and in the end we decided to create a chatbot that helped in a lamb meal preparation.

Senior people are building a chatbot at GetJenny

At the end of the session, we wondered together with the participants why we haven't yet seen any chatbots on those Finnish websites providing recipes or cooking related content. We will see...

We at GetJenny are looking forward to possible future company visits like these.

Watch the webinar - How to run a successful chatbot project

Mikko Rindell
Mikko Rindell

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