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by Colm Ó Searcóid

on August 13, 2021

Infographic: Customer Experience in the Energy Sector

Scroll down the page to download the infographic on CX in the Energy Sector.

The CX report is in. Investing in better Customer Experience gives you more revenue.

It's why almost half of all businesses plan to invest in improving their customer experience in the next five years. Why?

The customers have spoken. 8 out of 10 customers will spend more money for the privilege of better customer service. While price has often been a large differentiator, it's clear that competing on better service and experience is taking a prime position in brand preference.

Improved CX also affects your existing customer base. Almost half of all buyers make an extra impulse purchase when confronted by more personalised and tailored experiences on brand websites.

It's no wonder why brands are taking CX more seriously today. It pays back, strengthening loyalty and increasing sales in your customer base.

Key Findings in the Customer Experience Report for the Energy Sector 2021

  • Customer Support quality is the most important factor when investing in new tools
  • 55% of Energy companies have 3-4 tools available for customer contact and support
  • 85% of Energy companies look to knowledge bases and FAQs to provide information to their customers
  • While 60% of Energy companies use resource intensive conversational chat support, only 20% take advantage of automation and deflection in this area.
  • The only digital support tools with a median resolution time of less than 3 minutes are live chat and chatbot.
  • Only one tool has a consistent response and resolution time in the average and the median when studied: Chatbot, at 5 seconds and 2 seconds respectively.
  • 100% response rate is achieved by only 2 channels in conversational support: live chat and chatbot.

Get the infographic on key metrics from the Customer Experience in the Energy Sector Report below.

Feel free to download the high quality PNG or PDF below the image for a reference guide.

Customer Experience in the Energy Sector Infographic Standard 600w

Download: High-Quality PNG | High-Quality PDF


Many of the findings here are from original research conducted by GetJenny in the report on Customer Experience in the Energy Sector.

Some findings are from other publications referenced both in the report and below:

Colm Ó Searcóid
Colm Ó Searcóid

Champions the importance of amazing customer experiences and loves building meaningful interactions between customers and companies. Colm has no favourite movie, because "it depends on the genre", and is experimenting with growing his own food.

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