by Jenny

on September 05, 2018



We are pleased to partner with the 2015 Winners of European innovation “Young Bull” award and Nordic startup award: Ninchat.

Ninchat specializes in cloud based communication services that aim to enhance customer service, improve communication among teams and enable live group discussions, ultimately aiming to build real individual relationships with customers in real time.

Ninchat allows companies to assist and help their customers when and where they need it by embedding the customer care chats to the company website, mobile site, mobile applications and any social media platform.  Through the use of Ninchat communication platform, companies can improve their customers’ satisfaction by handling inquiries in a timely manner, all while reducing cost.

With the help of its AI partners, Ninchat aims to meet the various customer needs by offering high customizability of content, flexibility in design and high compatibility, while ensuring secure communication through data encryption. Furthermore Ninchat can be integrated to any existing company CRM or ERP system by that is facilitating business operations.

With years of experience in the field, Ninchat is already in use in Finland and several European countries across various industries, ranging from healthcare and insurance companies to universities and governmental agencies.

Ninchat was one of the few selected innovative startups that participated in the Vertical 2017 program, the first Nordic digital health and wellness startup accelerator, which aims at revolutionizing digital health.

Watch the webinar - How to run a successful chatbot project

If you would like to learn more about chat platforms  please read our guide on chat platforms.

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