Teemu Kinos

by Teemu Kinos

on March 17, 2020

What We Are Doing About COVID-19

The world has changed in the past few weeks.

At GetJenny, each of our 25-person team in Finland and Italy refresh news sites, message our families around the globe from Israel to Ireland, Kazakhstan and Russia, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Australia, the Netherlands, and the USA. Many of our family and friends belong to risk groups. We worry for them.

We are a chatbot company. Our medical knowledge is what we learned in school and perhaps a few courses. Our customers are insurance companies, banks, healthcare providers, local governments, governmental and non-governmental organisations. They are filled with people, experts, on healthcare, crisis management, community strategy -- people who can, and will, make a difference in the coming months.

But we can still do our part.

With COVID-19 sweeping the planet, we had to act. And we did. Our team in Italy was already under quarantine, and in Finland we voluntarily quarantined ourselves. We posted a company-wide email following these best practises:

  • avoid public areas and commuting by working from home
  • all external and internal face-to-face meetings are to be held virtually
  • all business travel is stopped until further notice
  • increase internal discussions through voice and video
We are a well-oiled virtual working machine, so working remotely should not be a problem. We already develop our product, close deals, hold kick-offs and support our customers remotely every day. Nevertheless, working together is more fun. We are inviting everyone to join our weekly management team update meetings. You are free to join if you are interested.

- From the company-wide email


We are also experts in chatbots. Pieces of software designed to answer common questions at scale.

That's exactly how we actively play our part. We built Corona-Info, a crisis communication chatbot. In four languages, in a few hours. It takes the information from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and answers common questions about coronavirus in Finland and Europe. Up-to-date, verified facts. No clickbait, no unsolicited WhatsApp messages from Johnny Appelsweed, no unreferenced well-meaning infographics.

Facts, as reported by the authority in Finland, working with the European Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation.

The Corona-Info chatbot is already used by health provider Terveystalo and the Riihimäki municipality in Finland.

At the moment, it is extremely important to communicate about coronavirus in a truthful and coherent way. A chatbot developed by GetJenny allows our customers to get up-to-date information on the current state of the virus and answers to common questions efficiently around the clock.

- Annette Kainu, Chief Medical Development Officer, Terveystalo Digital Healthcare Services


Corona-Info is available to all healthcare providers free-of-charge during this crisis period.

During this uncertain time, we will help our global community by staying under self-quarantine, maintain Corona-Info so that everybody is kept informed and help companies deal with frequent questions with chatbots, relieving support staff.

We deflect questions from your support staff so that they can deal with the difficult, urgent issues. Whether you need to serve customers through customer service, internal support or have a wider issue for crisis communication, at GetJenny, we have your back.

Stay safe,


Teemu Kinos
Teemu Kinos

GetJenny CEO & Co-founder

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