by Jenny

on September 05, 2018

GetJenny and Zendesk


Through our collaboration with Zendesk we assist them in delivering a highly flexible and dynamic platform that can meet the needs of any business.

Founded in 2007, Zendesk Inc. is a customer service software company founded in Denmark, headquartered in California and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  Today, with around 2000 employees, Zendesk serves 125,000 customers in 160 countries worldwide.

Zendesk adopts an Omni-channel approach offering powerful solutions to businesses to help them engage with their customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Zendesk Channels are interconnected ensuring that conversations are seamless and that all needed relevant information is shared throughout the organization.  Whether through phone, email, social media or any other channel, Zendesk integrates all customer interactions in one place.

Zendesk guarantees meeting its customers’ needs by offering them multiple tools to support, guide, chat and talk to their own customers.

  • Zendesk Support is a tool for tracking and solving customer support tickets.
  • Zendesk Guide is a knowledge base for smart self-service.
  • Zendesk Chat is an online tool for live chat support and web analytics
  • Zendesk Talk is a solution that facilitates phone communication between customers and agents and makes it part of a multi channel integration.

The Zendesk client portfolio includes big renowned companies from different industries such as uber, Airbnb and Tesco among many more.

In addition to that, in August 2018, Zendesk launched an integration with WhatsApp Business Solution which enables unified and smooth customer service between businesses and their customers directly on WhatsApp. This collaboration allows businesses to manage customer service interactions and engage with customers directly on WhatsApp in a more proactive and convenient manner.

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If you would like to learn more about chat platforms  please read our guide on chat platforms.

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