Anna Veselova

by Anna Veselova

on May 27, 2019

Contact center software: the heart of a customer service organization

Upgrading and developing a contact center infrastructure may seem too complicated when you start looking for different software available in the market. To better understand the advantages of using contact center solutions, just take a glance to this Sloan Valve and SAP Contact Center case study. The main benefits the company achieved are:

  • Improved performance and management of a call center;
  • Agents being able to provide better and faster service;
  • Drop in abandoned calls and increase in the first-contact resolution.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

So, what exactly is contact center software?

According to TrustRadius, contact center software are call center solutions that focus on managing and handling incoming calls based on the number called and an associated database of handling instructions. Modern contact center solutions enable companies not only to streamline calls to available agents but also to switch between different channels, track and store individual caller data as well as analyze this data efficiently.

How to choose the right contact center tool?

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Although there’s no one answer to this question, there are several recommendations that can help you make a considered decision.

When choosing contact center software for your business the obvious things to look for are its ease of use, price, and scalability. Another important thing (often forgotten) is the technical support a provider can offer you. Always make sure that with the model you choose you get the needed level of technical support. Otherwise, instead of raising customer satisfaction level your contact center provider may leave you alone with all emerging technical questions and issues.

One of the main things to look for is the available integrations with other tools. The capability to integrate a contact center software to your existing CRM, help desk or marketing automation is the crucial part of building a sustainable infrastructure. In this article by it is named to be the second important thing to look for when choosing a contact center solution.

The trickiest thing here is to make sure you will be able to integrate all your future software to the existing contact center tool as well. Therefore, the number of integrations available is definitely the thing you need to check before making the decision.

What about customer service chatbots? If your customers are actively using the Internet to connect with your business, at some point you may want to add a chatbot to your technology stack. We’re proud to tell that GetJenny is a partner of the leading contact center software providers: SAP Contact Center, Genesys PureEngage and Puzzel. So, adding an AI chatbot platform to your existing contact center system will be fast and smooth.   

The list of contact center tools

When you start looking for contact center software the number of options can be confusing and throw doubt into the minds. With dozens of tools available the comparison will take months to make.

We want to make the first stage of choosing the right software a little easier for you, that’s why we have listed and reviewed the most interesting contact center software in our new e-book. Download the e-book and take a look at the second chapter to find the full list of contact center software solutions.

Here are our Top-5 list of contact center tools:

  1. Genesys PureEngage
  2. NICE inContact
  3. SAP Contact Center
  4. Talkdesk
  5. Five9

In the customer service software e-book you will find more contact center providers that can get your customer service to a new level. Besides that, you will find reviews for 100+ other customer service tools and technologies in eight categories. 

Always remember, that there are many other great tools available, and the one being the best for your competitors may not be the best for your own company. Carefully compare all available tools to make the right choice.

The last but not the least: don’t make the final decision on what contact center software to implement before you are 100% sure this is exactly the tool your business will benefit from.

Anna Veselova
Anna Veselova

Growth Marketing Manager @GetJenny

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