Artificial Intelligence

Ethics of AI: Preserving and growing human purpose

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become a greater part of our daily lives, it’s becoming more and more important to consider the ethica...

Artificial Intelligence

Fear of AI takeover: Why are we afraid of machines?

The robots are taking over – dystopian science fiction or distant reality?

human-directed AI Artificial Intelligence

Can we combine human and artificial intelligence?

Mankind’s insatiable thirst for greater intelligence and knowledge spans the great depths of history. Human-to-human learning isn’t anything new – we’...

Artificial Intelligence

Communication in modern computing – Mario Alemi, Lead Scientist GetJenny

The keyword in “Artificial Neural Network” (ANN) is network. ANN were introduced in the 1940’s, with the idea that simple mathematical functions, call...

Artificial Intelligence

On hype driven machine learning

This is the competitive landscape for machine learning Countless posts have been written lately on who and what you need to follow in order to navigat...

Artificial Intelligence

This year in AI

2016 was the year that chatbots and AI got BIG. It was a busy year for all of us, with over 34,000 bots released for Facebook Messenger alone, and now...

Chatbots Artificial Intelligence Customer service

The future of customer service – AI aided responses

By now many businesses have embraced the power of online chat support. The generation that grew up with the internet prefers it to any other form of c...

Chatbots Artificial Intelligence

The GUI is out, and the bots are in

How will our interactions with machines change in 2016, and what this means for businesses In the following series of blog posts we will explain how t...