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Chatbot for Slush: 68 percent automation on day one

GetJenny is setting up Slush’s official chatbot. The first day after going live was promising, as based on early data the chatbot was able to handle 6...

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Thank you Slush 2016!

As a Helsinki based company, there’s one event that’s arguably more important than Christmas every year – and that’s the Slush tech conference.

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Where do we go from here? Embracing the future of chatbots and messaging apps

  Previous post here. Technological and behavioral changes are already here  What have we learned from previous articles:  1) Breakthroughs in AI is e...

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The consumer wants convenience

  Previous post here. We have already made passing mention of AI breakthroughs that have made the news, such as AlphaGo’s victory or Microsoft’s ill-f...

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The new UI is that there is no UI

  Read the previous post here. Usenet was one of the first solutions where individuals from all around the world could communicate with each other thr...